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10 FAQ's about Sugar Mama Shimmer Edible Food & Drink Glitter

1. How does it work? Add 1/8 tsp to any drink and stir!
2. Does it have any taste? It has zero taste or texture!
3. What does it work best in? It works best in clearish liquids but works in dark sodas, red wine, and on top of frothy drinks as well. Of course we love it on food too!
4. What is in the glitter that makes it safe? It is made from a mineral and food coloring (all FDA approved ingredients) and is also Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soy Free & Dairy Free.
5. Is there sugar in it? NO! There are zero sugars and zero calories!
6. Does it work in bubbles? It's AMAZING in bubbles. In fact, we love it the most in carbonated liquids.
7. How many servings in a jar? There are approximately 40-50 servings of a 6 oz. drink.
8. Can you mix colors? Do your thang and mix away! You may want to refer to your elementary school color wheel.
9. Can you wear it on your skin? It does have food coloring in it, so you may want to be careful to not stain your skin.
10. Can you use it on food? Absolutely! We enjoy it on icing, fruit, frothy coffees, sushi, fried chicken and more. You name it, we've probably shimmered it!
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