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How much shimmer do I use?

Sugar Mama Shimmer edible glitter for drinks goes in any drink - adults and kids LOVE it.  But how much should I should I put in each drink?

It really is this simple: As little or as much as you want!  We recommend that you tap the jar on the side of your glass or use a small utensil to add just the right amount. In the video below, you'll see that Lacey taps it into the glass just a little at a time!

A little bit goes a long way - you should get 30-40 servings from one 4 gram jar.   Add just a dash of drink shimmer to each drink.

Did you know that you can use Sugar Mama Shimmer on food too?  Yep!  You can roll fruit in shimmer, sprinkle or brush it on sweet many ways to shimmer!  

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